Best Places For Sky Diving In India

High Sky

Dessa is one the famous places for skydiving In India

Mysore, Karnataka

The City Of Palaces is a thronged travel goal in India. Alright, we are not here for the royal amenities this time. We are here to jump off a great height to feel like a burly bird in the blue skies. Mysore is one among the best places to enjoy the valiant venture of skydiving in India. Here, you are pushed off the aircraft from a humongous height varying between 3,500-5000 feet

Deesa, Gujarat

Gujarat government is promoting the tourism.Deesa and experience the adrenalin pump while taking a dive from the sky. Apart from Gir-Sasan, the state of Gujarat is also famous for Deesa. It is the appropriate place to fall like an asteroid without bumping the head on craggy terrains.

Aamby Valley, Maharashtra

Aamby Valley, a well-known travel attraction in Maharashtra, is the right place to take the free fall from a vivacious height of 7,000 feet. From such a height, we guarantee that you will get the supreme view of the whole Aamby Valley.

Dhana, Madhya Pradesh

Don’t  you feel that there’s solidarity between adventure and Madhya Pradesh? By this, we mean that this state houses 12-15 tiger reserves and thats a record in itself. But, there’s another way of seeing (if you can) these reserves, especially in Dhana. You will be made to jump off from a great height of 5000 feet and then you can test your skills of identifying the tiger reserves and other destination from the sky.

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