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  1. Dandeli -Climb the steep Sahayadri cliffs of Dandeli and rapple down the rocky sides of these 300-feet high monolith granite Syntheri rocks. Situated on the banks of River Kalindi, Dandeli is one of the best trekking places near Bangalore and a breathtaking creation of nature. Signed off by Nature, Moolangi in Dandeli is clothed in dense bamboo thickets and makes for a perfect backpacking spot. Trek into its heart, set up a camp, light a camp fire, cook a barbeque and live in harmony with the wild here. Then set off to Siroly peak to watch colourful hornbills gliding through the bright blue sky, and the rain forests carpeting the earth below.
  2. Chikmagalur– Crowned by the Chandrodana range, decorated with waterfalls seeped in history, exotic rose gardens, magnificent cave temples and challenging trek paths beckoning you, the Baba Budan hills in Chikmagalurare ever inviting the hungry traveler. It’s the Mullayanagiri peak of Baba Budan that has created history as one of the highest peaks in India
  3. Savanadurga –If you are looking at monolith trekking place near Bengaluru, then this is the best place to trek in. The trek is about 3 kilometers and can be taken up anytime during the year, except the monsoon months, of course. Some of the interesting things that cross a trekker’s path here are the huge rock walls, fort, Manchanabele Dam and the reserve forest to name a few.
  4. Kudremukh – Ready for some challenge? Take up the trek to Kudremukh, which is layered with vast grasslands, blessed with a brilliant climate and comprises of thick hilly forests. The trek is moderate to challenging in nature and takes at least 6 hours to complete.
  5. Kunti Betta – A dash of stunning views, beautiful grasslands, granite outcrops and rocky boulders is what describes the Kunti Betta trek the best. Although slightly farther away from Bengaluru, about 120 kilometers, at 2,880 feet, it offers amazing overnight camp.

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